A Roadable Aircraft: Learn about Terrafugias Flying Car at Aeroklubbens 100th Anniversary Fly-in, June 9th-10th

Aeroklubben is excited to announce Terrafugia as a keynote exhibitor at Gothenburgs Sve Airport (ESGP) June 9-10th. Terrafugia will host a display booth atthe exhibition and speak about the future of the Transition flying car as well as the next generation concept, the TF-2.

The Transition, Terrafugias first vehicle, will be featured at the Aeroklubben 100th Anniversary in Gothenburg. A true innovation in mobility, the Transition is both a car and an airplane running on a hybrid engine. The hassle of hangar storage and ground transportation is now eliminated with the Transition. Drive from your house to the airport, unfold the wings, conduct a quick pre-flight inspection and take-off. When you land, simply fold the wings and drive to your garage for storage.

Recently classified as a light sport aircraft (LSA), the Transition meets both NHTSA (National highway traffic administration and FAA regulations. The first vehicle will be brought to market in 2019.

You can view a video of the Transition in flight here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnF2yua4KIw

Terrafugias CEO, Chris Jaran brings 30 years of aviation experience to Gothenburg, along with Business Development and Marketing Director Hkan Apell, who has a background in Aerospace and automotive industries. Terrafugia is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, close to Boston and the company is now ramping up its workforce to bring the flying car, or roadable aircraft, to market in 2019.

We have a lot to celebrate this year. It feels great to have an exciting exhibitor like Terrafugia, says Aeroklubben Chairperson, Mns Theorin. The theme of the weekend is about our next century, about new and more environmentally friendly propulsion, and this is where Terrafu

gia fits right in, adds Mns Theorin.

For more Info, please check http://flyin.aeroklubben.se or email to flyin@aeroklubben.se

Contact: Hasse Hellstrm, Aeroklubben Fly-In Coordinator, Phone +46793352241

Aeroklubbens 100th Anniversary Fly-in, June 9th-10th

ESGP Sve Airport, on the Aeroseum side

Gothenburg, Sweden

June 8th-10th 2018

Aeroklubben i Gteborg, Sve Flygplatsvg 32, 423 73 Sve, Sweden. Phone: +46 31 92 61 00 (limited phone service)

Join us for the weekend of June 9th-10th! The Aeroklubben flying club in Gothenburg, Sweden was started by local flying enthusiasts, just 15 years after the Wright Flyer flew 852 feet (approx. 260 metres) at Kitty Hawk. An aviation era was launched that has now run for 100 years, in a city renowned for technological excellence and innovation, as well as its coastline beauty. Aeroklubben has currently about 150 members and 4 small 4-seater aircraft. Aeroklubben Flying School educates approx. 20-25 students, annually.