A Roadable Aircraft: Learn about Terrafugias Flying Car at Aeroklubbens 100th Anniversary Fly-in, June 9th-10th

Aeroklubben is excited to announce Terrafugia as a keynote exhibitor at Gothenburgs Sve Airport (ESGP) June 9-10th. Terrafugia will host a display booth atthe exhibition and speak about the future of the Transition flying car as well as the next generation concept, the TF-2. The Transition, Terrafugias first vehicle, will be featured at the Aeroklubben… Read more »

Welcome Back D2!

Terrafugias second prototype of the Transition (D2) is back from flight testing and parked in the garage at headquarters in Woburn, MA. Quick facts on D2s accomplishments: Flight and road testing from 2012 to 2017 Logged over 212 flight hours Verified handling qualities, stability and control, and aircraft performance Used to prove out the use… Read more »